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Keep on Running

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Keep on Running Empty Keep on Running

Post by lil28 Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:36 pm

Armani turned, watching the people who were running behind her. Her chocolatey - brown fur was matted with dirt, and as a wolf, she was NOT impressed. She didn't have time though. For all she could do was run, run, run. And she could never stop. Because while she was alive, the whole world would be hunting her. The Wolf without a home, but more magical than a unicorn with wings. Her fur, when cleaned, shimmered with gold and silver. Her eyes gleamed green in the light of day. And everyone wanted a bit of her.
Shots rung through the forests as the hunters kept hunting. She cursed, continuing her run. Then, she found herself leaping into the sky and flying without wings. She smiled. Another new talent.
Another way to survive.


Three Years Earlier
The Lone Wolf howled into th night as she gave birth. Finally, all four of her pups were out. A black one, white one, grey one and brown one. The brown one was a little runt, and didn't the other know it. The brown one had the least food and unhappier Pup-hood. Then, after a week of this, the humans came. They took the brown ones mum and siblings.
"Keep safe, Armani." The mother called.
The little pup legged it, racing into the moonlight.

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Keep on Running Empty Cool!

Post by Maggy Potter Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:50 pm

Liked it.Nice idea c: Very Happy
Maggy Potter
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