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Graveyard memories

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Graveyard memories Empty Graveyard memories

Post by Maggy Potter Fri Nov 02, 2012 3:34 pm

Graveyard memories
If we lost our beloved ones,would we go on?
She bent down to touch the cold stone,where her boyfriend was buried.She continued on crying.He meant so much to her,and now he's gone.
"I wish you could hear me..."She whispered."But if you do,just know that I still love you and that I always will." She gulped.She started remembering the moments they were together,the moments when they were alone.The moments when they were happy.
"Remember that meadow,where we used to run and play?They've built a building there.Your brother has moved into it.Your mother has gone insane about it."She said and coughed."The doctor said not to move out from the house,but I had to see you."She sniffed."Why did you leave?"She said quieter than ever.
"I don't know.But I came back for you."A male voice said.She lifted her head and saw him.She gasped and got up.
"Is it--is it really you?"She asked,not believing.
"Yes."He said and held his hand for her to take.She took his hand and looked into his eyes.He lifted her up,like he used to do and started rising to the Sky.
Next day they found her body next to the grave,cold.But she was smiling.
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