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An animal inside

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An animal inside Empty An animal inside

Post by Maggy Potter Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:56 pm

An animal inside
What happends when you let it out?
He kicked her and she flew across the air,She crashed into the wall,her back taking the most of the pain.
"Why are you doing this?"She asked him.In a flash he was standing above her.Through his yellow,animal eyes a lot of emotions were shown.Pain.Understanding.Love.But it dissappered,and pure anger replaced it.True,she didn't even do anything,but she was alive.But not for long.He growled,kneeling town to her.She removed to a side,avoiding his kick for a milimetre.
"You're going to kill me?"She squealed,but for an answer she got nothing but a growl.He caught her neck and pinned her on the ground.Suddenly his eyes turned brown,like they used to be.Like she loved them.
"I--I don't know--"He managed to say with stutters.His eyes went yellow again,and he broke her neck.Soon she stopped breathing.

He woke up curled up into a ball next day,the sun shining on his face,He looked around.The feelings from yesterday flushed into him.
"Oh no.What have I done?"
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